This form of healing, rediscovered about 160 years ago, has become very popular and has also been pretty maligned/mis-propagated/hurriedly/casually taught as a commercial activity.

Reiki is a way of using the Universal Life Energy, by getting permanently tuned and channelled to the vibrations of the Universal Life Energy (Reiki). Once attuned properly, we remain a channel of this highest universal vibratory healing energy for the rest of our life, whether we use it or not. The crux is in the way the attunements are done, with proper intervals/checks. In other therapies, one tunes in to the energy only when one is healing, whereas in reiki one remains constantly tuned to the healing reiki energy. Therefore, there is no need to consciously come from tuning to the healing energy while healing with Reiki. This makes it unique in its usage.

Different levels of healing in Reiki require further attunements, which has to be done only if a person has gained experience at the level of training already done and is considered fit enough to handle the higher level of vibrations after the higher level of training. This continuous practice will also result in progress on all levels in their life, which is evident in the transformation in the quality of their life after becoming a Reiki channel. If this is not followed strictly, it can adversely affect the person. Just as we focus chemical energy through medications, magnetic energy through magnets, spiritual energy through meditations-chants; in Reiki, after becoming a channel, one is trained to focus the Universal Life Energy on self and others (both animate and inanimate) as the need be. The asset of this form is compulsory self healing and self growth.

A Myth:

Reiki is a panacea for any and every disease, with or without the help of other therapies, is a myth. However, Reiki does support in transformation of life, but it is no magic. The channel is only transmitting the healing energy to the receiver. They are not transmitting their own life energy, but merely acting as a conduit for the universal energy to reach the receiver, who is in an imbalanced state (of mind, body, emotions, feelings, thoughts, etc). Since it is a one-way flow of energy from the channel to the receiver, the channel does not receive/take back into them anything from the healee. The universal energy reacts with the receiver, in a way that is fit for him at that point of time. Therefore, the result of Reiki, depends on the willingness/need/openness of the receiver to make change in their present condition of life.

As one advances in training, one can focus this healing energy either by touch or in absentia over any distance. When we focus the energy, it flows into the receiver and sweeps or flushes out the unneeded toxins present within, on multi-layer level. Reiki is a process of detoxification and not suppression of symptoms. Since the receiver attracts the energy, they only draw as much as is needed for them and one cannot focus excess, just because the channel wishes to. Reiki being the energy of life, can only work to balance life on all levels, and one cannot use it for evil or destructive purpose or to manipulate someone’s life.

To master this form of healing, it is absolutely essential that one grows on the spiritual level also, as higher form of healing is from the spiritual energy – not on physical energy level.On an average, a committed therapist can take about 4 to 5 years to become a Master and further 4 to 5 years to become a Grand Master.

Reiki works well as a stand-alone therapy on many physical and mental troubles, and is equally effective by touch as well as distance healing. It is pretty effective for stress release, strengthening weak organs, raising energy levels, post-operative traumas, behavioural problems, de-addictions, for plants, animals, etc. Also, when one is already into another form of treatment, Reiki works as a supportive therapy to accelerate the rate of healing. Reiki has helped us to find our way back to a Holistic state of health. It has nothing to do with religion, occult, faith, hypnosis or any other systems or beliefs. Being a reiki channel does not make you a ‘magician’, or ‘psycho-conjuror’. This is an absolutely divine energy and one needs to work with intuitive powers.

You need not be sick to experience reiki healing. One can always receive it even if one feels he is healthy, because the energy finds its own wisdom and route to work on mental, emotional and feeling level to allow us find our own truth in life and existence. Getting distance reiki done is equally, if not more, effective as touch healing. One does not have to hold phones, or be lying down or stop doing work, etc. You can discuss with your therapist and then decide on the modus of healing time. You do not have to know when it is being done also. In a few sessions/days, you might sense the results and that would be your confirmation. To practise or receive Reiki, no special faith or belief is required. Reiki has enabled many people to crystallise understanding of religious matters while enabling them to experience spirituality in a more scientific way. To be a good reiki therapist, what one needs is to be able to work from intuition, commitment, honesty, willingness to encompass other forms of healing in life.