Healing through Reflexology is based on Zone therapy. It all began in early 1900’s, when Dr. William Fitzgerald realized that pressure on certain areas of the body produced anaesthetic effect in a corresponding part of the body. He also worked on this with Dr. Edwin Bowers and came up with the theory of systematized body zones. However, in 1930’s it was Eunice Ingham, a therapist, who charted the feet as a map of the entire body and wrote the first book in Relexology in 1938 –“STORIES THE FEET CAN TELL”. Zone theory is a system of organizing relationships between various parts of the body, dividing it into ten equal longitudinal zones running along the length of the body from head to toes and fingers.

Never use pressure in Reflexology, nor look for pain so that healing is good. It is not about getting pain, but we are releasing toxins and blocks from within the zone and, therefore, it is not at all necessary to give pain in Reflexology. This is one of the easiest forms of stress release and being in harmony. It is always advisable to work on both the feet / palms. One can begin with any foot/palm first. But work on a foot/palm, covering the entire region first and then emphasizing on key areas.

The limbs are related to each other through the zones. The arm is a reflection of the leg in zones. The hand corresponds to the foot, the wrist to the ankle, etc. The greatest that any reflexologist can achieve is to negate the effects of stress and the resulting calcium build-up in the feet for all.