Rani Venkat

Rani Venkat, a pure science graduate, with further training in Computers and Personnel Management, is a Holistic Healer.

Her passion for study of Being-ness of Human beings, also called as Ontology, was kindled from childhood. Her interest got deep rooted by training in the field of philosophy, healing, chanting and meditation in childhood with her grandmother, who taught her a lot of nuances about healing in emergencies. This opened up her ability to reach out and try making a difference in life around her, wherever she can and whenever she can.

Since 1980, she has been studying, training and healing through different works of awareness, transformations and therapies. She has been fortunate to be trained by several masters in different aspects of healing and integrate them as per the need of an individual. She is one of the first Grand Masters of Reiki in India and was training this simplest form of self empowerment from 1990 to 2013, when she decided to leave urban life and settle in a rural surrounding.

She has an in-born clairvoyant ability, which was enhanced and grounded by her Master, (Late) Dr. P G Kurup - MD, FRCP, a physician of repute, who combined Chetana therapy with modern therapy. Dr. Kurup, refined her and made her into a holistic healer, beyond just reiki, involving the synergisation of Body-Mind-Soul. Her training in the inter-personal work includes workshops on Leadership, Parenting, Relationship and Self-empowement. Much of her research and work today involves study and work with individuals having tendencies to attract stress, affecting their health, and handling them through different techniques.

Over the years, she has been integrating her experiences and knowledge in different forms, through healing and training. Healing sessions (whether on a one-to-one, or by distance- including through skype) vary, depending on the individual at that time; which can include counselling, regression, mudras, pranayam, energy work, psychic healing, meditations, visualisations, etc. However, all work starts with aura diagnosis, and is carried further, as the need be.

Though she has stopped training personnel in reiki, healing sessions can be had by distance and touch healing, as convenient.