Past Life Regression and Childhood Trauma Healing

For the past few decades, the society has become conscious of near death experiences, past life regression, out of body journeys, apparitions of the deceased, etc. These have been talked about and documented in our scriptures - one of the recent one is in the book "An Autobiography of a Yogi", where the author Yoganand Paramahansa talks about this dialogue with his guru after the guru's death. After having dismissed such things as process of hallucination and being psychic, the medical field is opening to a lot of developments through researches done by physicians and psychologists like Dr. Raymond Moody, Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Melvin Morse, Dr. Larry Dossey, Dr. Bernie Seigel, etc.

Regression has extraordinary potential of healing the body by healing the mind. Here the emphasis is not on how do I know whether I have lived before or not? The point is we behave in a particular way, have strong likes and dislikes which govern our life, have difficulty in handling relationship, are prone to stress easily, do not react to treatments properly, have recurrent problems, fears and phobias, etc., on which we have no control, in spite of analysing on intellectual level. If we can completely heal and release the seeds of those impacts (either in the childhood or in the past life - which is embedded in our mental intelligence), the rate of healing is much faster.

Regression can be done by hypnosis, meditations, guidance, dreams, bodywork, catharsis, etc. Like visualisation, regression should and must be done only under the supervision of an experienced and effective/experienced therapist. This therapy should ideally be done only on a one to one basis and not by distance.