Magnetic Therapy

This is a system in which ailments are treated and cured through application of magnets to the body. There is continuous influence of celestial magnetism on lower and higher forms of life. Human body is also affected by natural magnetism. Every cell works as a magnetic unit and a micromagnet. So, different organs have different powers of magnetic field, depending on their biological activity. Magnets work on the natural laws of magnet. It affects the whole body by effecting magnetic equilibrium between various organs and their functions. Magnet therapy is a supplement to other forms of therapy. Therefore, do not stop medications, when you want to apply magnet. Magnet Therapy can be effectively used for backaches, colitis, constipation, gall stones, knee pains, piles etc.

Individual susceptibility is an important factor. Some may have sensations like waves passing through them or sensation of heat etc. Some others with low sensitivity need not feel any sensations. Normally one sitting per day is enough. There are certain precautions to be taken while applying magnetic therapy, which generally, the therapists will know. Magnetic therapy is essentially to be done in one to one healing and not through absentee healing. Magnetised water can also be taken, about 50 ml twice daily. Pregnant women should not be subjected to strong magnets.