Homa Ash Therapy

Homa ash therapy is healing, using the ash obtained from the Agnihotra Homa or Yagna, given to the mankind through the Vedas. Agnihotra is the basic form of yagna done to the biorhythm of Sunrise/Sunset, for the purification and healing of the atmosphere and the individual through the medium of fire. In several countries, folk medicines are prepared from Agnihotra ash and its application in various ailments is proving to be very beneficial. Today, it is popularly known as Homa Ash Therapy.

The charisma of Agnihotra is attracting people everywhere, and many have been conducting researches of its effects. Agnihotra entertains no barriers, either geographical or cultural. It allows energy transformation at different levels. One scientist has said (Homa Therapy : 0ur last chance) “the chemical reactions which take place when Agnihotra fire burns, are less important. If one looks into the more subtle structure of fire, one will find that electrons jump from one atom to other atom.”

The ash of Agnihotra has been found to be very effective in treating ailments like wounds, pains, sinus, muscle pull etc., in addition to behavioural tendencies. It has been found very effectively useful in agriculture also.