Healing with Mudras

Mudra is a term with many meanings, like gestures, mystic position of hands, a seal, a symbol, body postures, eye positions, etc. Generally, in healing, Mudra is effectively engaging and influencing our body-mind-soul by bending, crossing, extending or touching the finger tips with other finger tips. Each Mudra ultimately creates a special connection to cosmic consciousness. The origin of the mudras is still a mystery.

When you practise mudras, the pressure of the fingers should be very light and fine, and the hands be very relaxed. It is ideal not to use force. Start doing the mudras for a short time first; bringing the fingers together in whatever way is possible , then improve on it. Mudras can be done in any place, while lying down, sitting, walking, standing, reading, just listening to any talks, waiting in traffic lights etc. Though you could do it in any possible place and time, its effect gets accelerated if you can consciously get a meditative posture, focus on your hands, and observe the normal flow of breath and be tuned to the purpose of doing the mudra. It is very interesting to note that the five fingers of our hands correspond to the five basic elements of body and the five basic chakras:

Fingers Element Chakra Character trait
Thumb fire solar plexus will, vitality, instinctiveness
Index air heart intellectual, individuality
Middle ether throat security, initiativeness
Ring earth root security, sense of family
Little water hara creativity, clarity.

Most Masters recommend holding the mudra for 45 minutes in a day; if you cannot do it in one stretch, you can divide into two or three spells. Generally, a mudra is most effective if done with both hands, unless otherwise specified.The effect of a mudra will depend on the individual; one must always allow the energy to take its own form of healing rather than trying to induce any way of healing.