Healing Through Visualisation

Healing through visualisation is the technique of using thought with image, to create manifestation of its effect in life. We all, naturally, have the ability to create an idea or mental picture of anything and one has to only learn continuing to focus on the idea or picture regularly, giving it positive energy to become a reality. Visualisation is “bringing about a thought, give it a word-form and then energise it with positivity; and keep doing this more and more number of times, so that it becomes a reality.

However, one must remember that one cannot use this for controlling the behaviour of others or do things against their will. This involves understanding and aligning ourselves to the natural workings of the universe.

Every patient thinks that his body has become his enemy. It has betrayed them by getting sick and threatening their lives. They are often terrified that they will have a prolonged illness followed by a painful death, have a lot of financial drain for the treatment, etc. Such fears slow down the rate of recovery. But relaxing physically can help them break this tension and fear, by using their own thoughts.

Thought is a fine form of subtle energy and very quick to change. It manifests quickly unlike the dense form. Whenever we create anything, it is first in a thought form. And, as the LAW OF ATTRACTIONS says, “as you sow, so you reap”. Therefore, what you think is what finally manifests in action in life. When we have negative thoughts, we tend to attract the same experiences and attitudes in our life. When we have positive thoughts, we attract and create situations, events, body which are positive. This does not occur on superficial level through mere positive thinking. It involves exploring, discovering and changing our deepest and most basic attitudes of life. This has to be done more often and frequently to have a deep-rooted foundation in us.

Trained visualisation for relaxing has been found to have deeper effect on the body-mind healing. With reduced fear and visualisation, people have reported that they have a different perspective and renewed energy, something like recharging batteries. However, it is essential that visualisation and relaxation should ideally be done under the supervision and guidance of a professional trainer in this line, because the way one receives, understands and perceives the visualisation is very vital for this body-mind healing. If not done properly, it can have adverse effects - even to the extent of permanent harm. This has found good results especially with cancer patients, post surgery healing, heart patients, etc.