Crystal Therapy

Crystals are pure compressed chemical compositions of minerals, originated from melted hot and liquid magma, hydrothermal solutions, hot lava contents in cavities, veins and cracks circulating water under high pressure, for thousands of years. After reduction of pressure and temperature of the solution over centuries, a second generation of minerals develop in pure crystallized chemical composition. Such clusters of crystals of natural origin have tremendous metaphysical powers because of their occurrence in the form of crystals, generating both piezoelectricity and pyroelectricity. Piezoelectricity produces electricity along with light via compression which results in release of electrons. While pyroelectricity is produced as a result of variation in temperature. Every crystalline structure has its own and separate energy reserves. The energy depends on the kind of minerals embedded (in the form of zeolites) in the crystal. Every human being has potent cosmic energy within them which they can make use of, but we do tend to need the energy from outside. Crystal, being a pure product of nature, plays a vital role in sufficing this need of cosmic energy for humans and has tremendous potential for metaphysical healing for body-mind-soul.

When one thinks of buying a crystal, one has to go beyond being enamoured by its dazzle. First of all, you must ensure that the crystal is a natural one and not a manmade one. You have to spend some time with the crystal, feeling its energy and also talking to it. When you decide to buy one (single or clusters of crystal), they should not be used immediately. Before one decides to use it (for healing, as a bracelet or pendant, or keeping at a designated place), the crystal has to be cleaned and programmed for the purpose. If you do not know the processes, it is ideal to get them done by a therapist. This is very important as crystals being a reservoir of energy, while they are being mined, cut and put up for sale, are handled by multiple people. The crystal tends to absorb the thought and mental energy of these handlers during these processing.

Crystal energy has already been used in electronic communication equipment due to their precise frequency characteristics. When science and intelligence uncovered the secrets of X-rays, radio waves, atomic energy, chemical energy, etc., we expanded their value as diagnostic, curing and solving agencies. Similarly, crystal energy can also be routed for healing body-emotions-feelings-thoughts, space and others.

One of the most important use of crystals is in cleaning and healing aura. To work on thought and soul levels, to be used in meditation, to heal chakras, for clarity of thought and actions, the crystals have to be clearly programmed and then used. If they are not cleaned and programmed, we have the danger of taking in the negativity sucked / embedded in them. Gems also have characteristics like crystals of emitting energy, hence they also need cleaning before being used.

Some crystals used in healing are:


Amethyst ranges from pale lilac colour to deep purple and is usually semi-translucent. Amethyst is associated with the crown and the brow (Third Eye) chakras, signifying a connection to the higher spiritual source. Amethyst is traditionally considered a high vibratory crystal. Amethyst gives you clarity, intuitiveness, and helps in meditation. It can be used to improve memory, getting clarity in life and healing headaches. A cluster of amethysts next to the television or the computer also can cut out harmful radiations.

Rose Quartz:

Rose Quartz is usually pale pink in colour and semi-translucent. The colour could generally be caused by manganese and traces of titanium. This is connected to the heart chakra and is supposed to be a harmonious stone. This crystal is often associated with healing for soothing qualities like forgiveness, softness, being grounded and unconditional love. This stone helps in keeping calm, healing relationships, easing ulcers etc.

Clear Quartz:

Generally white in colour, this crystal can be very clear-called the male quartz, or a little hazy – called female quartz. This is considered to have very powerful energizing and healing properties, and is often regarded as the ultimate and universal healing crystal. This can be used for energising,-activate,-transmit energy (male crystal) and for balancing,-clearing,-cleansing (female crystal). Clear Quartz is used to direct energy to the parts where there are blockages. Clear Quartz can be used to draw strength and support when needed; and also for cooling or soothing. This crystal can be programmed to energise your room/home and fill it with positive energies.