Colour Therapy

Colour affects human being in different ways. Colour has effect on concentration, performance, physical and mental well being. From earlier days, in ancient Greece and Egypt, colour for cure was an established therapy. People of different culture use different colours for different purposes and also ancient civilizations have specific colours for different architectural buildings, colour of foods etc . These all have a meaning, because the colour of a light is an alternative form of free energy of that particular frequency ; and this relates to the atomic reaction within the sun from which the rays of colour light emanate. In hospitals also one finds that certain colours are not used as they make certain conditions worse (like orange can make certain mental conditions worse). Hence, colours also have therapeutic and helpful effects. Most diseases have mental stress and tension as an important background of the psychosomatic aspect, which can be given a lot of soothing effect with colours. Colours can be used either in the form of clothes, coloured water, gems etc. However, while using gems, they will have to be cleaned and programmed for that particular person and purpose.

Different colours affect different factors on the emotional-mental-physical planes. For eg: Red colour symbolizes life vitality and strength and can be used for blood and lymph ailments and some nervous conditions, Green colour for emotional disturbances, circulatory and heart ailments, headaches, etc., Indigo for deafness, pituitary gland disorders, cataract, skin disease, allergic respiratory conditions, anxiety etc.